The PV500 stands out for its high flexibility and ultimate performance. The digital Camera Link® interface guarantees interference-free image transfer. Numerous testing tools make this system a reliable universal measurement instrument.

Colour for your testing task
In order to identify colours, you can e.g. determine the RGB values of a testing range, populate the values into formulas, analyse the data and output a result. Naturally, you can also convert colour images into greyscale images using weightings. This puts you in a position to be able to highlight exactly the colour aspect you need for your testing task (e.g. performing measurements, identifying contours, or identifying foreign objects). Last but not least, you can train the PV500 to recognise multiple colour ranges, while freely combining them. This allows you to identify and evaluate image ranges containing exactly the colours you have trained the system to identify.

Extra performance
4-processor system, DSP and pipelining. The system is equipped with serious computing power. There is one processor exclusively for handling real-time image acquisition. The most computationally demanding task – harnessing image processing algorithms – is handled by a DSP. A RISC-CPU provides rapid analysis and output of acquired data, and a dedicated graphics processor supports display output. In order to be able to achieve the fastest possible processing times, image acquisition, image pre-processing and inspection, plus results assessment and display can all be performed asynchronously.

When less is enough
The PV200 is the ideal, cost-effective variant if “all” you need is a 0.3Mpx monochrome camera.


Numerous advantages at a glance

  • 4 processors provide impressive computing power
  • Digital CameraLink™ technology for fast, trouble-free image transmission
  • 2 cameras in parallel
  • Greyscale and colour system in one
  • 6 different camera types with resolutions up to 4 megapixels
  • Numerous testing tools (e.g. edge finder, pattern comparison, defect control)
  • Excellent filter functions including Tophat, RGB, etc.
  • Digital I/O, RS232, Ethernet and USB
  • SD card slot (also SHDC)
  • Simple configuration using the keypad or free PVWIN software
  • Compact, industrial design (fanless)

Download katalog: Katalog
Download katalog: Katalog
Download manual: Manual

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